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Why Us

What Results Can You Expect?


Stronger, faster, more agile, stamina and endurance


Energetic, alert, better posture, coordination and balance



Lean, toned and athletic


If you are not satisfied with our training, we will refund your money. **No questions asked!

Who Is It For?

Fitness Level Wise

Our program is suitable to all fitness level and is excellent for beginners as we put a lot of emphasis on the posture and exercise technique. If you are new, you will be spending more time lot of emphasis on posture and technique. You will spend more time on learning skills and go slower and as you gain experience the workout intensity goes up.

Fitness Goal Wise

Our training program helps achieve the following results - gain lean muscle, lose weight, tone up and fitness. With this kind of training, the body tends to shape towards an athletic physique. Hence, its suitable to most people except those who want to build large muscle mass and regular gyms with machines will be better for them.

What Comprises Of A Typical Session

A session is conducted in a small group, is 60 minutes long and includes warm-up, skill development, workout, and stretching. The workout format and exercises are different each day, so your body will never adapt to a routine and your results will never plateau. The workout could be individual or in teams and comprises of gymnastic/body weight exercises such as jumping, climbing, pull-ups, pushups, lunges, burpees, weight lifting exercises such as squats, clean and jerk, snatch, kettle bell training, and cardiovascular exercises such as running, rowing, biking and jump rope.

Who Is It For?

Myth: To lose weight, one has to do cardio on treadmill or other machines Fact: High intensity interval training using a mix of functional exercises is far more effective than slow steady state cardio on treadmill for example. On top of that, if you want to look toned, strength/weight training is extremely important. Just doing cardio will not help you achieve the body you desire.

Myth: Lifting weights will make women look bulky Fact: Women don’t have enough of a hormone called testosterone unlike men that is required to gain big prominent muscles. Women gain very lean muscles which are not too visible and help shape the body.

Myth: Dieting alone is enough to lose weight Fact: Reducing calorie intake without exercise can definitely help lose weight but the weight will come back before long and on top of that it is very unhealthy.

Myth: Doing ab exercises will help reduce belly fat Fact: Fat loss cannot be targeted for a body part. Fat is accumulated by the body as a source of energy for times when food supply is limited. The accumulation happens throughout the body and is more at some places dependent on the genes and sex. For example, men store more fat on belly and women on hips/legs, in general. The body will use/burn the fat only when the energy intake from food is less than the maintenance requirement of the body. This will happen throughout the body and it cant be targeted. For example, someone may lose more fat from the face in the beginning and from the belly in the end and so on. Specific body part exercises target muscles and not fat.

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