Here are 10 reasons why Women should try Crossfit

1) It’s FUN and you get a better workout in LESS TIME! The workout is different everyday so you won’t get bored. There are also new exercises to learn and to work on. I don’t like working out for an hour straight, so it’s nice to work hard for a shorter time.

2) You get to COMPETE with yourself! The workouts are timed or scored by rounds/reps and are posted on the board. So it unleashes that competitive side of you! You can see how you perform in comparison to others, but most importantly you get to see how you improve and push yourself.

3) Sense of COMMUNITY and SUPPORT! Everyone works as a team and is so supportive of each other and their personal records and goals. You also get to make new FRIENDS! Because it’s not like an average gym, you get to really know people and start seeing the same faces.

4) You get COACHED. You’re not just doing your own thing…you have awesome coaches who are watching your form/technique, helping you out, and encouraging you along the way. They want you to succeed!

5) Talk about getting STRONG! Every part of you will feel and look strong. Also, it strengthens your core without specifically just doing abs exercises. Your ENERGY will also increase!

6) Crossfit is CHALLENGING. It pushes you to make and meet your fitness goals. It’s such a great feeling of accomplishment when you get your first handstand push-up or a personal record for a deadlift!

7) You can change your BODY. I look around my gym and see awesome abs, arms, legs, backs, and booties! So inspiring to see all these fit bodies working hard. We’ve all heard “strong is the new skinny,” and this will definitely help you build muscle and lean out.

8) Become a well-rounded and functional ATHLETE. Yes you will feel like an athlete ladies! You will be lifting, doing high intensity Cardio, Gymnastics, and working on mobility.

9) Your gym CONFIDENCE will also increase a ton! You will no longer feel weary entering the “men area” of the gym…you know what to do and may be able to give the guys a run for their money!

10) Holy CALORIE BURN! The high intensity workouts will leave you sweaty, lean, and mean!

Research a local Crossfit gym in your area and give it a shot! Many places give you 3-7 day free passes so check it out. Don’t let the craziness you see intimidate you either…everyone has to start somewhere!

Be Fit, Healthy, and Strong ladies! Go get your Crossfit on! 😉

Article by – Tiffany Angulo.

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